eyeglass frames
Amalgamated Eye’s offers polarized sunglasses to filter out reflective glare, so you can see better while driving, and participating in water and snow sports.The right sunglasses express who you are and fit your active lifestyle.

Our optical quality sunglasses provide 100% protection against harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays. While at the beach, oversized sunglasses provide extra coverage around your eyes to help prevent premature sun damage. Contact lenses make your eyes more sensitive to light, so wear sunglasses for more comfort. Amalgamated Eye's has the perfect eyewear for the way you live, work and play. 

Frame Styling

Your eyewear needs go beyond good vision and value and make a statement about who you are. Frame Styling provides fashion expertise and takes into consideration your face shape, skin, eye and hair color, personal style and lifestyle activities. It incorporates both facial proportion and dimension (face shapes) as well as the dimension, color, size, and weight of the frames.

The eyes, nose and mouth are not looked at independently. The way they work together is a matter of proportion. The goal of Frame Styling is to create ideal facial proportion.

Frames are comprised of three basic dimensions including straight lines, round lines and curved lines. These dimensions are also attributed to your face. It is important to note the dimensions of both your face and any frames you choose because they should complement each other.

Color also affects our visual perception and is a factor in using a frame to enhance facial appearance. By coloring different parts of a frame, the best facial proportion can be achieved.

Size & Weight
The size and weight of the frame must be in proportion with the size of your face and features. Small features are emphasized by smaller, lighter frames and more prominent features are de-emphasized by larger, bolder frames.

At Amalgamated Eye‘s, our professional Sales Associates are trained in matching your face shape with the appropriate frame styling components. You can be assured that when you leave, your new frames will enhance your appearance and lifestyle, and become your first noticed, most important fashion accessory.