Eye Examinations
The exam - Computerized, comprehensive eye examinations, complete with a detailed history, visual acuity, refraction for eye-glass prescriptions, internal and external examinations, evaluation for contact lens candidacy, glaucoma testing and visual fields.

At the time of your eye examination, Dr. Kateman will determine whether a dilation is indicated, depending on personal history, family history, age, symptoms, and significant findings. The dilation may last a few hours, but you will be able to drive home; only your close reading vision may be blurred for a few hours

Ocular Surface Disease Treatment 
Conditions like conjunctivitis (pink eye) or other ocular infections, inflammation, allergies, pressure, pain, and/or redness can be treated with medical prescriptions provided by this office.

Contact Lens Fitting 
The latest (3rd generation) of disposable contact lenses are our specialty here - high oxygen transmission silicone hydrogel contacts. They are available in all modalities – from daily disposable to monthly, and for all prescriptions - including astigmatism and bifocal prescriptions. Besides the high oxygen, these lenses are more comfortable, wetter, have more flexible wearing schedules, and are healthier for the eyes. 

Prescription Eyewear 
Besides a fantastic selection of designer frame manufacturers, this office fits a multitude of prescription optical lenses, including higher index materials for high prescriptions (thinner and lighter), transitions lenses, customized sunclips, and the latest in free-form progressive lenses for bifocal prescriptions that virtually eliminate distortion.

Prescription and non-prescription